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What are the specifications?
Controller Specs

1. Does the MTI control use standard G codes and M codes?

A. Yes, the MTI controller follows the DIN 66025 / ISO 6983 standard. In most cases you will not have to alter your current post. The control has built in flexibility in terms of what it will accept as valid code.

2. What is involved in networking the MTI control?

A. If you can plug in a network cable you have all the skills required to network the MTI control. There are no special servers or services like FTP or NFS needed to transfer programs. The control runs Windows XP Pro and integrates natively into a Windows Server Domain, however this is not a requirement.

3. Can I monitor real time data from the MTI control?

A. Yes, the monitoring capabilities of the control are virtually endless. All aspects of the machine tool can be output in real time in any format that is required by the end user. Currently data can be formatted in CSV, HTML, XML or binary via network or serial connections. The controller can be integrated into any data collection or remote monitoring system.