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For detailed specifications on the control follow this link to the Specifications page.

1. How is it possible to cut cycle times in half?

A. That is a very good question. The simple answer is, the MTI control has the highest average feed rate of any control on the market. This means that the control is intelligent enough to know exactly when to slow down and exactly when to speed up. The control never wastes any time that is not absolutely necessary. The end result is ultra smooth motion due to the elimination of unnecessarily harsh stops and starts.

2. Is accuracy and precision maintained?

A. Yes, corners will be razor sharp, inside radii will not be gouged and surfaces will be smooth and clean. Internally the MTI control processes data to 15 decimal places, this ensures the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

3. Will Constant Velocity wear out my machine?

A. No, this is a myth. It is counter intuitive but you your machine will actually last much longer. The smoothness of the motion generated by the MTI control puts far less stress on mechanical components than all other controls. Machine tools equipped with the MTI control will exhibit absolutely no vibration during cutting. The motion can be thought of similar to highway driving versus city driving in your car.

4. How will Constant Velocity affect my cutter performance?

A. It is common knowledge in the machining world that above all, the largest determining factor in cutter longevity is a constant chip load per tooth. When feed rates are not constant, the forces acting on the cutter are also not constant. The shocks to the cutter, from non-uniform starts and stops, results in premature carbide failure. Constant Velocity motion ensures that the chip load per tooth on a cutter is as consistent as possible. Customers have reported a considerable improvement in cutter life span.