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At MTI we fully expect a certain amount of healthy skepticism to the claims we make about our controller - we wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact we think we have heard every possible variation. We welcome all inquiries and are happy to explain in detail how we accomplish constant velocity. The benefits of constant velocity will become very clear.

In this section of our web site we dispel common myths and half truths. If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to contact us. We are certain, that once you know the facts, the advantages of what we bring to the table will become self evident.

1. If Constant Velocity is possible, why isn’t everyone doing it?

A. Everyone at MTI has nothing but the greatest respect for our competitors. We recognize that they pioneered the CNC controller industry and their products are based on years of tried and true technology.

For years cutter paths were relatively small and mostly written by the operator at the machine from a print and for that purpose our competitors controls were built. Today’s cutter paths, based on complex 3D geometry are huge and demand incredible amounts of computing power to drive a machine tool smoothly, accurately and at a constant velocity.

Our competitors have made huge investments, over many years, in various proprietary platforms. It is not in their best interest to scrap everything they know and start from scratch. That is where we feel we have the advantage. We once read, in an article written about us, an interesting quote, “Think outside the box and you get a new box”. That is exactly what we have done. We harness all the latest mission critical technology and over lay extremely robust and tightly written software to manage it all. The end result is performance that dwarfs the legacy based platforms on the market today.