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Standard Specifications


Positional Axis 8 interpolated
Spindle Axis 1 interpolated
Follower Axis 8 interpolated
Differential Pair 1 interpolated


Minimum Execution Speed 50,000 blocks per second
Look Ahead Algorithms 80 high accuracy smart buffers
Microprocessors Multiple dedicated high speed
Motion Control Accuracy 15 digit floating decimal point

Feed Functions

Feed Rate Override 0% to 199.9%
Rapid Traverse Override 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Maximum Encoder Counts 4,000,000 per second
Minimum Resolution 0.001 micron
Acceleration Range 0.01 to 10g

Spindle Functions

Speed Command 1 to 999,999 RPM
Speed Override 0% to 120%

Tool Functions

Length Compensation Up to 253 tools per table
Radius/Diameter Comp Up to 253 tools per table
Ball/Bull Nose Comp Up to 253 tools per table
Tool Selection M6 Txxx


G-Code Compatibility ISO standard
Powerful Program Editor Built in word processor
Positioning Addresses ABC, IJK, UVW, XYZ
Units of Measurement Inch or Metric
Work Coordinates Up to 99 sets
Coordinates Systems Cartesian, Polar, Spherical,

Data Transfer

Communications Fast Ethernet, RS-232, USB
Removable Media Floppy, CD-ROM and USB

Memory Capacity

RAM Size 512MB up to 2GB optional
Hard Drive Size 80GB up to 200GB optional
Individual Program Size 250MB or 3,000,000 lines
Chained Program Size Limited only by disk space
Number of Programs Limited only by disk space