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The MTI CVC Guarantee

What is the MTI Guarantee?

An Industry First
The MTI Controls Corporation is the only controller OEM in the world that offers a complete money back guarantee on results. Your machine tool will cut complex 3D geometry in half the time it did before the MTI retrofit. Simply put we guarantee that you can expect a 100% improvement in performance. Your machine will run extremely smooth and quiet.


MTI will benchmark your machine tools performance using the industry standard Mercedes Test geometry. The MTI cutter path used to cut this test is a high tolerance, smooth transitioned finishing path. This will test any controllers ability to generate The Mercedes Testsmooth, accurate and efficient machine tool motion. MTI will request that the Mercedes Test is physically cut on your machine tool to demonstrate not only the cycle time but the surface finish as well. Video footage will be taken and cycle times recorded. Once the MTI retrofit is complete, the Mercedes Test will be cut once more and video and cycle times will again be recorded. You will be presented with a comprehensive report displaying the before and after results. At this time the MTI Constant Velocity Guarantee will have been satisfied.

The MTI CVC Money Back Guarantee