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  What makes MTI different?

Constant Velocity
The MTI controller is the worlds most efficient CNC controller. It’s purpose is to drive any machine tool through, around and over complex 3D geometry as smoothly and consistently as the iron and physics will allow. Using the most advanced technology, the MTI control is able to maintain on average, 95% of the programmed feed rate.

No other controller on the market can make this claim.

50% Cycle Time Reduction
The vast majority of machine tools on the market right now can only sustain 35-45% of a given feed rate over complex 3D geometry. This is not a limitation of the machine’s iron or a function of accuracy. This is simply an inability of its control to “think” fast enough. Using the same servos, iron and program; the MTI control will cut your cycle times in half by holding the machine to a constant feed rate. Accuracy is never compromised and machine and cutter life is greatly extended.

Complex Geometry

If you cut complex geometry, the MTI controller is the preferred choice. MTI stands alone in the high speed CNC controller market. Part data is always becoming more complex. Part programs as a result are becoming larger and more tightly defined. Consumer demands for better finishes and higher accuracy will continue to increase. The MTI controller can handle part programs of any size or complexity making it a wise investment. The MTI control will never be obsolete. As a matter of simple physics, no machine tool can ever be built that can out perform the MTI controller.